Conference Themes

The 2024 conference is designed to engage key stakeholders in a discourse to preserve and promote the Buddhist heritage of Pakistan for peace and prosperity. The conference themes are centered around knowledge development, education, training, and community engagement to protect Gandhara heritage sites as cultural and economic assets contributing to socio-economic development of Pakistan. In addition to history, the conference will also focus on evaluating the impact of climate change on cultural heritage in the country. In 2022, the devastating floods in Pakistan washed away a huge area across the country, including parts of Gandhara. In addition to climate change, social and political factors also cause difficulties in preserving cultural heritage. Modern technologies can contribute to overcoming challenges in the preservation process. The 2024 conference will explore the methods and uses of new technologies in support of cultural heritage preservation. Presenters can cover one or more of the following themes:

Research Panels


      1. History of Buddhism in Gandhara
      2. Priorities and Challenges in Conservation of Buddhist Heritage in Gandhara
      3. Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage of Gandhara: Risk Assessment and Preparedness
      4. Community Engagement to Protect and Promote Gandhara Heritage Sites as Cultural and Economic Assets
      5. Interfaith Dialogue on Conservation of the Religious Heritage of Pakistan

 Art and Craft


      • Photography, Videos, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting and Craftwork


      1. The Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Stupas and Monasteries of Gandhara
      2. Gandhara Jataka Tales depicting earlier incarnations of the Buddha
      3. Religious Heritage for Peace and Harmony: Mosques, Temples, Churches and Gurdwaras of Pakistan