About the Conference

Pakistan is a holy land for millions of Buddhist devotees around the world. The country is the birthplace of Mahayana Buddhism and renowned Buddhist mystics and philosophers including Asanga, Vasubhandha, Guru Rinpoche and Monk Marananta. The two brothers, Asanga and Vasubhandha, were born in the 4th century CE Peshawar, then known as Purushapura, and became prominent spiritual leaders of Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche (also known as Padmasambhava) was incarnated in the Swat valley. He is a “second Buddha” for adherents of Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. The monk Marananta is believed to be from Chhota Lahore in today’s Swabi district. He travelled from Chhota Lahore to Korea through China and preached Buddhism there. Pakistan’s Gandhara region…..

Conference Venue

Conference Auditorium, Department of Earth Sciences
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Call for Submissions

Proposals are invited that respond to the conference themes. The purpose of the international conference on Buddhism in Pakistan is to bring together local and international scholars, experts, artists, and practitioners to explore Buddhist history, philosophy, art and architecture. The conference sessions and art festival will cover a vast array of the Buddhist texts, literature, art forms and architecture that flourished in the area forming today’s Pakistan and along the celebrated Silk Road. The conference is designed to provide a platform to revive Pakistan’s ancient links with the outside world founded on a shared spiritual heritage.

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Join the second international conference and art festival on Heritage for Peace and Progress:

Conservation, Education and Training to promote the Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan and share your experience with researchers on Buddhist history, philosophy, art and architecture.

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